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Why Kale Club?

The healing work of Ceres is only possible with the support of our community. Our donors and volunteers are the heart of Ceres Community Project!

As we grow to meet the rising demand for our healing meals and for opportunities for eager teens, there’s one way of donating that is particularly helpful for Ceres. When you join our Kale Club by becoming a monthly donor, your pledge gives us the confidence to move forward. Your monthly gift provides sustainable, predictable support and stability we can count on. 

It’s simple and quick to sign up. By budgeting even a small amount each month, you’ll provide vital nourishment for families facing a health crisis and help engage hundreds of youth with life-changing opportunities.

What can my
monthly donation do?

Life-saving meals for clients.
Life-changing opportunities for youth.

To become a Kale Club Member
click any of the image below to go to our online donation page.

Check the monthly box under Recurring Option,
on the donation page and choose your own
monthly amount (min $10/mon)

Or you can chose to designate your monthly donation to a particular service area. Make your selection in the Use my gift to support: options.

All donations are tax-deductible, as permitted by law, and you can change or cancel your donation at any time. As a Kale Club member you’ll get special updates on our work and help us bring healing meals to our clients facing a serious illness like cancer, and meaningful ways for local youth to gain skills and edit give our community.

For more information about monthly giving
through the Kale Club,
please contact Scott McDougall at
[email protected]
or 707·829·5833 x130.



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Great NonProfits

Ceres Community Project is one of the most beautiful inventions in the field of cancer care that I've seen. Nourishing meals prepared and shared with love. Involving teens and teaching them not only healthy eating but even more important -- the power of service. And engaging the whole community so everyone becomes healthier and more connected. Every community needs a Ceres Project. Let's help make that happen.

Michael Lerner, PhD,
co-founder, Commonweal
and the Cancer Help Program